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(Jalan Sultan Tirtayasa Bandung)


the gate of Frisia street

Before Frisia street did not have a good view due to the design. For example the way of dividing property area which was not match to the size of the houses the way of arranging the front garden, the garden gates and gate door from street to garden, etc.

More over the trees on the side off the road was not given a proper attention, as the trees (Cassia-Multijuga) was planted in the very dense way which had caused the street to appear dark.

before renovation

And All the garden in front of the houses were all very narrow, since the distance from street to house was too short while most of these gardens were covered with peeble stones as walking area there were only little space leaved for grass to grow.

Furthermore, there’s only one functional garden gate door needed. And furthermore the wall gate in front and both side of the house was too high made and to be even was by the present of those decorative columns as not so surprising that the houses there were left empty for months, the rent price were gradually degraded. 
Anyway this is a very good example for us to learn, as a showcase of how they were twenty years ago lack of the ability to plan and to design a city.

The Frisia street is by lucky located in between two most important areas in the city connect into important streets there.

renovation plan

Therefore, The municipality put the attention to lift up the condition in the street by the arrangement with those who owned the houses there that both the municipality and the people would share the cost of repair, split equally in half. 

The new design and planning of the street included as follows:

1. The trees on the side off the street were cut and replaced. 
2. The garden gates in front of those houses were replaced by a very low concrete structure.
3. Only one door beside as the connection from the street to the garden 
4. The grass field in front of the houses were widen
5. The garden plantations were regularly arranged by using beautifully flourish flowers.
6. The bitumen covering street were widen.

after renovation

At the end, the houses owners were all satisfied, that after all those renovations work the houses were rented to people. 

And in this very case, we must all noted how cooperation and joint effort between the government and the society had resulted in the benefit for all and this is a good example for all other municipality in Indonesia.

twin house at the gate of Frisia street
other house forms at Frisia Street 
before and after renovation


Frisiastraat (Jalan Sultan Tirtayasa Bandung) By G. Hendriks